ストリートダンス | "アバンダン/ABANDON

ABANDON is a professional street dance duo consisting of Yusuke and Tomoki. The performance composed by their aesthetic with unconventional choreograph beyond dance genres gives off a distinctive aura.



Reijiro Tsumura 津村禮次郎


The creative dance "Reiwa" brings back the breath of ancient Manyo to the present, exterminates the prayers of requiescats and the evil attacks, and celebrates the tranquility of the coming Reiwa era. The practice of prayer and approbation is the basis of performing arts.



Toru Iwashita 岩下徹

舞踏| 即興 Ⅲ. (improvisation Ⅲ.) -

Butoh and improvisational dancer. Butoh performer with Sankai Juku dance troupe. Pursuing the potential of improvisational dance as communication on an individual basis.



Tanjo-jishi  誕生獅子

伝統芸能 | 「誕生獅子 "」"Tanjo-jishi”

We are a group that inherits shishimai, spiritual dance performance with a lion’s mask, of Kobe Ikuta shrine. We perform in black happi, a traditional uniform for festivals, with a unique pattern of red peony. Ikuta shrine’s shishimai first appeared in the historical document that recorded the ceremonial schedule of miyuki-sai, a religious festival, in 1663. 



Eri Matsui 松井英理

Contemporary Dance"灯り:AKARI" 

A professional dancer and choreographer. 

Awards and Recognition | 2015-Ryukyu Shinpo Ballet Contest, 1st Place in Senior Solo category. 2016-Korea International Dance Contest, 1st Place in Jazz Contemporary category. 2016-Itoshima City Cultural Achievement Award

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About  Dance-ODORE Just Dance 

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Our mission

Performing arts, such as butoh and contemporary dance can be said it is one of the most complicated way of expression, which requires well-trained physical  and mental skill.



But at the same time, it has the special feature that "it exists then and there."



Our mission is to record the performances of Japan's top dancers and performing artists, and create the archive for historical uses, and dancer's network for professionals.


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■ Project leader

Io Factory Co., Ltd. 

Representative Director: Yoichiro Yoshikawa


Since 1986, he has been in charge of music for Sankai Juku.

Since 2005, he has shot and edited Sankai Juku's works "Hibiki," "Kagemi," "Tobari," "Umusuna," "Meguri," and "ARC" in halls around the world. Also handles overseas distribution and DVD sales of Sankai Juku works.

The DVD is from the Paris Opera Ballet, the New York Public Library, and the performing arts of American universities.

It is stored in the library.

■ Director / Editor / Strategy Officer: Naoki Yoshikawa


Graduated from Ithaca University, New York, Department of Cinema Photography

In charge of cameras for Sankai Juku's works "Umusuna" and "Meguri"

Sankai Juku "Egg Heat-Recreation" JR Yamanote Line Digital Signage Production

Pacific Rim Asian American International Film Festival New Director Award, etc.

Many awards at domestic and international film festivals

(Calligraphy work Kamari Maeda )