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About Yoichiro Yoshikawa 

2011 ~ 2019

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Yoichiro Yoshikawa

Composer,Producer,Founder of ODORE-Just Dance

● Composing  All   production of Sankai Juku

​● Filming and DVD producer for Sankai-Juku's“HIBIKI” "KAGEMI" "TOBARI"


​● Produced theme song for the NHK program “NHK NEWS 10””

​● Produced music forNHK BS2 program, BS2 Anime “Kyo Kara Maoh”

​● Assisted music production for Opera de Lyon’s “LADY SARASHINA”

​● Produced Message song“Imagine The Future”​ fot Univ. TSUKUBA 

​● Founded  YOU TUBE「踊-ODORE Just Dance」

​● Album "KANKYO ONGAKU" that provided songs for 2020 62nd Grammy Awards

Nominated for Best Historical Album


At Opera National de Lyon  2012 / work for Sankai Juku:  UMUSUNA (World Premier)

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