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Live Streaming
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あわせ鏡のはざまで ー 交差/Sankai Juku

あわせ鏡のはざまで ー 交差/Sankai Juku

Watch Trailer

Scheduled to start at 17:00 on Friday, January 26, 2024 Live  viewing.


[How to watch​​​] You must purchase ``Rental Viewing'' in advance to view.

The viewing period is 72 hours after payment is completed. Please purchase after 9pm on the 24th (Wednesday).

1: Click "Watch Trailer" on the video screen to watch the video (15 seconds).

2: After viewing, a rental button will appear on the screen. If you select "Rent 8$",

a confirmation screen will appear asking if you have an account on this site.

3: If you are a new user, please complete the new registration. Then please proceed to the cashier.

4: If you have an account, please proceed to the checkout.

(Credit card, and PayPal are available).

​If the screen does not switch to live when streaming starts, please reload the screen.

If you missed the real-time viewing on the day, you can watch it later.

Please note that image processing will take some time immediately after real-time streaming ends.

You will not be able to view it immediately, so please wait until the processing (about 1 hour) is finished.

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